As of mid-January 2024, this project is being carried forward to its next iteration by another steward of movement energy.

Story of the first leg of this protest.

Who: In the beginning, we were three line cooks in Buffalo who wanted to take action because we were horrified and disgusted by the genocide being carried out against Palestinians. We were angry at our government’s blank check support of Israel’s war, even as the civilian death toll grew to over 10,000. We knew that we could have a bigger impact if we put our minds and voices together, so we came up with this plan.

What: We are committing to a perpetual protest for a ceasefire, against genocide and against occupation in Palestine. We are walking every Monday, for as long as it takes. We invite you, person of goodwill/justice/hope, to join us. We will walk up and down Main Street together – carrying signs, meeting each other, handing out leaflets, performing, sharing news, and organizing events. Creative expression and joy are welcome.

Where: Leaving from Lafayette Square in Downtown Buffalo at 3pm and walking up and down Main Street until 4pm.


  • To make a deeper commitment to supporting a Free Palestine for the long run.
  • To show in public that we are not afraid to take a stand against apartheid, genocide, and occupation in Palestine and everywhere.
  • To serve as a consistent offline space of welcome and learning for people who want to join the movement.
  • To amplify Palestinian voices and create networks to respond to calls to action.
  • To share protest and event information from and between individual, local, regional, national, and worldwide.
  • To educate our neighbors about the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) campaign and encourage the coordinated boycotts.
  • To mourn the dead and walk with other people who are also deeply affected by the violence in Palestine.